True Love

Sweet Rose


SIGHT: Dark red colour with ruby tints. BOUQUET: It has an elegant and complex fruitiness, reminding of spicies, cherries, herbs and raspberries. Intense and full. MOUTHFEEL: With a velvety and elegant body, and well-balanced tannins. RECOMMENDED TO ACCOMPANY: Young goats,

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Sweet White


SIGHT: A yellow coloured wine with lemon green overtones, bright, clean and pure. BOUQUET: Richly fruity scented, with overtones of a mixture of banana, watermelon, pineapple and green apple, characteristic of this variety. MOUTHFEEL: Ripe, with a roundness and an

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Sweet Red


SIGHT: A deep dark red wine with violet-like tints. BOUQUET: It has a generous and complex aroma, reminding of red fruits such as plums, berries, cherries, raspebrries and a flower such as violet. MOUTHFEEL: It is concentrated bodied with a

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Sweet Violet

Cabernet Sauvignon

SIGHT: Dark red colour with ruby tints, a characteristic of mature red wines. BOUQUET: It has a complex and mature aroma with black pepper overtones. MOUTHFEEL: Elegant, with a strong structure and persistance, providing a noble and outstanding balance. RECOMMENDED

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