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Our brands among private labels that we produced are for the State of Pennsylvania that included statewide 650 stores. These products are: Familia Los Agüeros, Organic wines. Along with the Debut, Marisa Tival, Reineros, Nazareno, Bodega Privada, Viejo vinedo, El supremo, Paso fino, Zentas, Dreams of Prosperity and Brilliant Brains wine. Fruity Sparkling flavored Torrontes and our exclusive CLEO passion liquor has been well received by importers, wholesalers & hypermarkets.

The distributors of these brands in the USA-National markets as: “New York, Boston, Delaware, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, South Carolina,and Illinois”. These States customers and fans can testify about our brands and daily dedication in our products, prices and services; allowing making our portfolio so distinguish, interesting, and exiting for all demands palate tastes.

As per our customers desires we can provide you with customized solutions to create private labels, wines bottles at any shape, personalized capsules and exclusive products!