About Us

Toward the end of 19th century, Argentina viticulture experience great development in the hands of Italian & French immigrants. Malbec in particular adapted quickly to the variety of microclimates was offered by Argentina landscape and begun to produce wines better that their original lands. Argentina becomes the only country on the world to have the Original Malbec vines of true French heritage. Then a superior wine was aged in oak barrels and a star was born with a delicate passion and devotion that characteristically Argentinean.

Presently Argentina it’s the main producer of Malbec grape variety with 76,600 acres planted across the Mendoza country, the first region in South America to gain the regulatory denomination of original designation from Malbec among other. The wine in this region has an intense dark-cherry red color. The over deep stony soil irrigated by melting waters of Los Andes Mountains over an excellent sunlight exposure and perfect altitude for vineyards. Wines from Mendoza are full bodied round and sweet tannins; containing minerals expressions, combining red and black fruits like cherry, plums and figs flavors creates our emblematic wines.

Los Agüeros is located at the Maipu Mendoza first region in growing the best grapes of this precious land. Dynasty Wine Spirit LLC is a wine exportation group owned by the third generation of The Agüero Family. A vineyard & winery founded in 1957. Our Foreign business is conducted by Mr. Philip Tseng, Vice President of International Sales and Pablo A Aguero, Owner of Familia Los Agueros & Founder of Dynasty Wine Spirit, LLC. in USA.

Dynasty Wine Spirit LLC also acts as a window for other wineries in the region. For the past couple years Dynasty has been selected by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control board as one of 8 most important groups in the wine industry in the United States of America to co-operate imports for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and US Domestic wines in the State.

Dynasty business scope includes wine, spirits and liquors. Our product portfolio is the most comprehensive within Argentinean-American exporters. Especially our “Familia Los Agüeros” wines are the only 100% genuine organic wines produced in Mendoza.